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Company Overview

College Alert Center is a recovery service for missing college students that quickly creates and distributes the student's information in mass numbers and to the right resources. We have been doing this at Child Alert Center since 2005, so we understand the key elements in the process. We have a 100% recovery rate at both companies. If your son or daughter went missing while at college, you want the best available service for them.

Our capability to send up to 20,000 text links per minute of a mini-poster to our mobile network is very important.  Our call center will send the text link to campus security, who can forward it to the entire student population, if necessary. By distributing this information quickly in mass numbers we greatly increase the chances of recovery of the student. If the student is traveling abroad, the text link can be converted up to 42 languages.

College Alert Center provides parents, campus security and local law enforcement with the best tool for recovering a missing student and would be a value-added benefit for any college to offer to the parents.

Parents Should Know

Most students go missing while away from campus, thus the onus falls on the parent to start the recovery process, not the college. It doesn't matter if they are on a holiday break, spring break, traveling abroad or even out to dinner, if they are off campus, then they are likely on their own. This is why you need our service. 

Missing students often go unreported until tragedy strikes. While the Department of Justice keeps crime statistics like colleges, neither keeps statistics for those that go missing. After researching the last 100 missing college students, we established some interesting statistics. This can happen anytime, anywhere, to anybody.

  • 96% of the missing were away from the college campus 
  • Only 10% were found alive and the others were unknown or worse.
  • 10% were traveling abroad when missing.    
  • Enrollment size varied; smallest of 1,340 students to over 60,000 for the largest.

For only $15 per year, our valuable service may help bring home your child to your family and friends. 

Below are recent stories of missing students that show how real this is to the parents, colleges and communities. 

Recent Missing Student Stories

Jul 4 2016 Missing College Student’s Body Found in Tiber River, Rome
The search for a missing Wisconsin college student in Rome has come to an end after authorities confirmed a body found in the Tiber River is that of John Cabot University student Beau Solomon. The 19-year-old who had just completed his first year of studies, was last seen by his friends in the early hours of Friday morning. Solomon was in Italy to participate in an exchange program.
May 15 2016 Search expands for missing NYC college student
Loved ones are holding out hope for a missing college student in New York City, who has not been heard from in more than a week. Nayla Kidd, 19, is an engineering student at Columbia University. Friends reported her missing a week ago.
Apr 25 2016 Parents of Missing College Student Martin Roberts Plead for Answers
"If you see this, please come home or contact us. We love you." Those are the words the parents of missing college student James 'Martin' Roberts want their son to hear.The 19-year-old, who goes by his middle name 'Martin,' was last seen on April 21, in Boone, North Carolina near the Appalachian State University campus.
Apr 4 2016 Missing U.S. college student found dead in Siberia
A U.S. student missing for over a week in eastern Siberia has been found dead, Russian investigators said Monday, ABC News reported. Colin Madsen’s body was found by rescuers about a mile from the village where the Missouri man had disappeared in the Buryatia region, investigators said in a statement released by the local branch of Russia’s Investigative Committee, the equivalent of the FBI
Mar 8 2016 Chicago Student Missing After Taking Morning Jog
Police are searching for a college student who went missing after a morning jog two weeks ago in the city's West Rogers Park neighborhood. The 21-year-old left her home on the 6000 block of North Talman to go for a jog at the beach around 6 a.m. on Feb. 25 and hasn’t been seen since. “It hurts, the not knowing, that's the worst part just sitting here feeling helpless,” sister Maricela Suarez said.
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