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Company Overview

College Alert Center is a recovery service for missing college students that quickly creates and distributes the student's information in mass numbers and to the right resources. We have been doing this at Child Alert Center since 2005, so we understand the key elements in the process. We have a 100% recovery rate at both companies. If your son or daughter went missing while at college, you want the best available service for them.

Our capability to send up to 20,000 text links per minute of a mini-poster to our mobile network is very important.  Our call center will send the text link to campus security, who can forward it to the entire student population, if necessary. By distributing this information quickly in mass numbers we greatly increase the chances of recovery of the student. If the student is traveling abroad, the text link can be converted up to 42 languages.

College Alert Center provides parents, campus security and local law enforcement with the best tool for recovering a missing student and would be a value-added benefit for any college to offer to the parents.

Parents Should Know

Most students go missing while away from campus, thus the onus falls on the parent to start the recovery process, not the college. It doesn't matter if they are on a holiday break, spring break, traveling abroad or even out to dinner, if they are off campus, then they are likely on their own. This is why you need our service. 

Missing students often go unreported until tragedy strikes. While the Department of Justice keeps crime statistics like colleges, neither keeps statistics for those that go missing. After researching the last 100 missing college students, we established some interesting statistics. This can happen anytime, anywhere, to anybody.

  • 96% of the missing were away from the college campus 
  • Only 10% were found alive and the others were unknown or worse.
  • 10% were traveling abroad when missing.    
  • Enrollment size varied; smallest of 1,340 students to over 60,000 for the largest.

For only $15 per year, our valuable service may help bring home your child to your family and friends. 

Below are recent stories of missing students that show how real this is to the parents, colleges and communities. 

Recent Missing Student Stories

Mar 28 2015 Minneapolis police ask help finding missing college sorority sister
A sorority sister at the University of Minnesota student has vanished, prompting the Minneapolis Police Department to issue a public appeal Saturday for help in locating the missing woman. Jennifer Houle, 22, was last seen at closing time at the Blarney Bar, a popular student hangout near the campus of the UM Twin Cities campus in Minneapolis.
Mar 26 2015 Missing College Student Found Dead After Spring Break Disappearance
Authorities have found the body of missing college student Jordan Britten three days after his disappearance during a spring break trip to South Padre Island.
Mar 10 2015 Search for missing Longwood Student, Anjelica Hadsell, enters second week
Seven days. That’s how long it’s been since Longwood University freshman Anjelica “AJ” Hadsell, 18, was last heard from before being pronounced missing by police Tuesday, March 3. AJ’s family is now offering an award of $3,000 to anyone with information leading to the whereabouts of their daughter.
Feb 19 2015 Missing University of Pennsylvania student
The New Jersey parents of Timothy Hamlett, an Ivy League track star who’s been missing since December. Timothy was a well liked track champ at the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in philosophy.
Feb 6 2015 Missing Leadville student found dead near college campus
The body of a missing college student in Leadville was found Friday morning with the help of Colorado Forensic Canines. Colton Wilson was last seen Thursday, January 29th. His body was found about 50 yards off a popular trail in a remote area on the campus of Colorado Mountain College.
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